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The Port City Cocktail Challenge supports the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer.
The American Cancer Society has contributed to a 26% decline in cancer death rates in the US since 1991. This means that we have helped save more than 2.3 million lives so far. In Alabama alone, the American Cancer Society has given over 4,100 rides to treatment and doctor appointments through our Road to Recovery program.

To illustrate the critical need for funding, in 2018 Mobile County had 1621 requests for transportation. Only 720 of those requests could be met. That means 900 requests were not filled. Baldwin County had 156 requests for rides, 33 rides were provided, meaning 123 requests were unmet.

By supporting the Junior Leadership Council, you are providing vital resources so that we can continue fighting for a world free of cancer. Your partnership is a life-saving gift that offers hope to those that need it most.
American Cancer Society
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